Hello Friends,


Hello Friends


I'm a 90's kid passionate about building useful things with a digital perspective. I find inspiration in travel and exploring culture.

My story

Me as a small kid


Born in the US with both American and Norwegian roots my family moved via Holland to Sweden. Grown up in a traditional Swedish red house in the city of Karlstad. I experienced the start of the digital connected world. I was lucky to early on leave the modem and have access to a broadband connection and good computers. This awakened my interest in technology.

Applying my interest

Found an interest in visuals and tech. That was enough for me to take a chance and go to a high school with some design and technology courses. But while studying I got bored and went together with two friends to start a company at the age of 17. Testing and writing reviews of sports products selling the articles to magazines.

While learning a lot about running a business I was more interested in the visual parts and decided to leave the company to start my own freelance company. Worked mostly creating print designs and ended up working at a print shop, this is where I started my real learnings about UX design. The importance of legibility on signs and other material for physical spaces. 


Educating myself

Although interesting with the finite qualities of print I still had a big interest in technology and its possibilities. I decided it was time to explore the digital and went to Hyper Island (a.k.a “the Digital Harvard” – Robert Schwartz, Global Creative President, TBWA). There I learned far more about myself and how to build effective teams than I expected. I also left the school with a boost of tools to build high-quality creative processes.

I ended up doing my internship at AKQA in Berlin as a part of the Volkswagen team as well as the new client pitch team working on projects for clients like MTV, Mont Blanc, Loreal and more.

Applying it to sports

Deciding to make a move back home to Sweden I continued as a freelance designer and working with creating digital strategies for companies and organizations. Working a lot with sports organizations helping them find their way digitally with new demands from their customers and members.

This made me interested in how digital tools can help improve the lives of people volunteering in sports clubs and I joined the startup laget.se (launched as teamlr.com internationally) helping them creating a more coherent user experience within the product.

I ended up working with mapping out the future vision of the product and created a roadmap for how to make the product more flexible and adapted for the future.

This not only created a clear plan for the future it also spawned a new project under the name Heja. A new app for sports teams that has a more focused approach to the communication problems of managing a youth team. I was in charge of research, insights and creating an MVP with a small team in the company. 



Exploring something new

Although loving my work with Heja and laget.se I had an urge to go backpacking, something I had been dreaming about since high school so I quit my job and headed to South East Asia for a year before returning back to Sweden and school. I now study Design Lead (a.k.a. Interactive Art Director) at Hyper Island where I have expanded my skill set within UX and group facilitation.

Let's grab a cup!


I'm always interested in sitting down to have a chat, no matter if it is over Skype, tea or beer. Reach out if you are interested in my work or if you have an idea you want to bounce.

Want to have a chat?

Currently a UX Designer at Studio Kraftwerk & Achtung in Amsterdam. 2x Hyper Island alumni from the Design Lead and Digital Media Creative programs.

Previously working as a Product Designer for Sportion Media Group, the company building products for smoother sports management: laget.se/teamlr.com and Heja