Hi. I’m Will,

a digital creative based in Stockholm. Passionate about building great experiences driven by design and technology.

Hi. I’m Will,

a digital creative based in Stockholm. Passionate about building great experiences driven by design and technology.


Creating Heja,
Bringing sports teams into the 21st century. Away from clunky email lists and WhatsApp groups. Solving problems specifically for coaches, parents & team members.

I worked on initial research, concept development as well as working on creating an MVP where I had responsibility for UX and Art Direction.


Rebranding Relationdesk,
Taking them from a startup to a stable company. From prototype to a brand with strong values and clear tone of voice.

I worked on copywriting as well as visuals during the rebranding process.


Navigating Volkswagen,
with an interactive annual report. Showcasing the wide portfolio of Volkswagen Group.

I worked on some icons and assisted in UX of navigation patterns for the first incarnation 2012. The project is still updated from year to year, nearly identical.


Showcasing Mont Blanc,
with interactive exhibitions. Mont Blanc wanted to show off their new Timewriter II watch, the only mechanical watch that could measure 1/1,000th of a second with a frequency of only 50 Hz. We delivered 4 concepts to bring out the magic of a millisecond, something that can be hard to grasp normally.

I worked as a part of the new client pitch team at AKQA.


Design philosophy

The process of design should solve real problems and make a difference for people. It is deeper than just visuals, it's finding out the core needs and designing experiences around them. First, when you have answered their need you can delight them with great experiences. I love using this thinking to bring brands and user experiences to life. While using technology as a  kindle for new ideas.


William Hollowell an American/Norweigan that grew up in Sweden in a little red house. 90's kid that experienced the start of the internet boom and knows the pain of a parent lifting the phone while on a 56k modem. Passionate about traveling to experience new cultures and nature. Started out as a print designer before discovering the world of 1s and 0s. Entrepreneur and 2x Hyper Island student.

Want to have a little chat?

Currently a Design Lead (Aka. Interactive Art Director) student at Hyper Island. Sharpening my skills within design and facilitation of groups and design processes.

Previously working as a Product Designer for Sportion Media Group, the company building products for smoother sports management: laget.se/teamlr.com and Heja