William Hollowell

William Hollowell

Concept development & UX Design

I'm a digital creative based in Amsterdam. Passionate about building great experiences driven by design and technology.


Solving Sports Communication

Product Design: Heja for Sportion Media Group

Bringing sports teams into the 21st century. Away from clunky email lists and WhatsApp groups. Solving problems specifically for coaches, parents & team members.

I worked on initial research, concept development as well as working on creating an MVP where I had responsibility for UX and Art Direction.


Evolving the brand from startup to stable company.

Branding: Relationdesk

Evolving Relationdesk, taking them from a startup to a stable company. From prototype to a brand with strong values and clear tone of voice. The start of a design system. I worked on strategy as well as visuals during the rebranding process.

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Guiding men to discover and grow the perfect beard.

UX Design: Male Grooming for Philips

Helping Philips understand and build the future of male grooming. There were clear insights about what parts of growing and grooming a beard that men feel worried about. We crafted an experience from helping to decide on a beard all the way to guide them through the process of growing it. We continue to work with Philips in developing this further.

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I wish I could show more, but some companies prefer to keep projects to themselves before launch. But don't hesitate to reach out if you want to hear more about my work process and projects.

Design philosophy

Crafting great experiences can be hard. And it is easy to dive into the 'what' before looking at the 'why'.

I believe to truly solve problems and deliver delightful experiences we must find solid footing in the needs of all stakeholders. Both users and organization.

In practice, this means that I use analytics and user tests to form insights. I love using this to bring brands and user experiences to life. It's not just about making something pretty anymore.


About Me

William Hollowell an American/Norweigan that grew up in Sweden in a little red house. 90's kid that experienced the start of the internet boom and knows the pain of a parent lifting the phone while on a 56k modem. Passionate about traveling to experience new cultures and nature. Entrepreneur and 2x Hyper Island student.

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Currently a UX Designer at Studio Kraftwerk & Achtung in Amsterdam. 2x Hyper Island alumni from the Design Lead and Digital Media Creative programs.

Previously working as a Product Designer for Sportion Media Group, the company building products for smoother sports management: and Heja